The Most Colourful Party in Town: Prism Party

It is time to gather together, show our support to the community, and celebrate the future. Local fishermen are celebrating too. They will be having a kayak meet up on the lake. Some will be making out there in trolling boats too. For those who can’t make it onto the water, they will sit on the shores on their chairs. Gather your friends and wear your most extravaganza clothes! Here’s a party with crowd-pleasing libations, a killer soundtrack, festive decors and a lot of exciting activities.

This year’s most colourful party has come to town and this could be our greatest yet! This event is yet to tickle our hearts as it is to be celebrated on the first day of Pride month with a lot of exciting partners and volunteers making the party even more colourful and fun! This is an event meant to raise money for the important organization’s work. What a good way to help people while being in the most colourful party in town. Together, let’s have our rainbow flag fly high and make sure that everybody will have fun!

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