Your Top Pride Survival Tips

In the world we are in this year of 2019, it’s fun to celebrate serenity and remain calm even in the face of craziness. Continue reading to see how you can hold onto your wigs while dancing at Pride Toronto!

Hold Your Waters

It is usually hot during Pride Toronto, so make sure to bring your water bottles and stay hydrated so that you’ll be able to feel your best. Just look out for free water refilling stations for on-the-go hydration! Water’s always best for you!

Bring Protection

It is always the sexy time of the year, so be sure to bring some condoms with you for you’ll never know! But aside from that, your skin needs protection from the scorching heat of the sun, too, so be sure to wear some celebrity-like sunglasses and a hat if possible.

Look Out for Each Other

Since this is an event where a lot of people go and get crazy, it is important that you look out for each other and make sure to have fun together. Be conscious around any sexual activity and make sure to ask consent before anything else. Anyone who is drunk or high cannot provide consent.

Get Some Sleep

The Pride Toronto weekend means three consecutive days of fun, but if your body can’t keep up, it’ll be a sure hell for you. So, make sure you’re catching some sleep before the event. Have eight hours of sleep nights before so that you’ll be feeling and looking great on those days!

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