Deep Gold and Verse Is Bringing DJ Duo Tama Sumo and Lakuti’s Here in Town!

We have brought you the world-renowned DJ duo Tama Sumo and Lakuti with the help of Deep Gold and Verse. The duo have been reviewed as on of the best in their field. Audiences have been jumping on their couches listening to the tunes. The evening will be celebrated with a prize giveaway of a cookware set and a new kitchen faucet. DJ duo Tama Sumo and Lakuti are known to create a space where friends can become family, lovers embrace, and everyone comes together to celebrate the triumph of love.  They create a dance floor where genres don’t matter and where differences are embraced.
Deep Gold and Verse have made themselves known as a source …

How to Share Your Pride

It’s that time of the year; it is Pride Month, and we’re all excited to celebrate this event with our whole community! The colour purple represents the spirit and it is also the final colour in our rainbow. This colour represents the things that make our community – from the past to who we are now and the unbreakable bonds that we have with each other. To guide everyone, here’s a list of tips on how to show and share your Pride in your workplace!
Bring The Colours to Your Work
It may feel a bit too much, but letting people see the rainbow colours is a good way to show your Pride to others. You have different ways to display …

Nobody’s Gonna Sashay Away in This Pool Party!

This is the most-awaited event in the Pride Month, the Cabana Pool Party. It has always been fun to make some friends beside the pool with some drinks on the side. For those who love to be dripping wet, they could meet friends inside the pool. This year, we have more exciting partners and sponsors, making the party even more exciting. You can even take a look at the wonderful cityscape view and watch the awaited drag shows as the sun is setting.
The highlight of this year’s pool party is the appearance of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star Winner Monet X Change. Wear a lot of colours; your imagination is the limit. Drag your friends and surprise…

Transition Program of Women’s College Hospital

Our medical systems are still not up to date when we talk about helping our trans brothers and sisters, despite us being in 2019 and having all the social progress we have fought hard to achieve.
For the many people of the transgender community, they need gender reaffirmation surgeries to feel good and fine in their own skin. However, medical practices and procedures in this aspect are still yet to be improved.
Fortunately, Women’s College Hospital has decided to have the first health program and comprehensive transgender transition in Ontario. Pride Toronto is one of the partners of this program that helps the people in this …