Are you willing to become a member?

Toronto Leather Pride Members are people who acknowledge, understand and embody the Toronto Leather Pride Mission, Vision, and Values. We empower each other and help in the betterment of ourselves. Being a part of us means growing together with us, seeing the changes that are about to happen and celebrating the victories that we are to have. Together, let us get involved and make pride happen!

What do you need to be a member?

Individuals who want to be a member of Toronto Leather Pride shall consist of people whose application for admission has been approved by the Board of Directors. Individuals should be eligible for membership in Leather Pride Toronto if they meet the following criteria:

-Support the activities that we’ll be conducting and will uphold our “Mission, Vision and Values”;

-Have a membership approved by the Board;

-Meet at least one of the following:

  • Be nominated by the Board for membership;
  • Contribute volunteer work of at least 8 hours to Toronto Leather Pride; or
  • Pay a membership fee that is to be determined by the Board;

-Receive feedback and learn accordingly. Let us grow together!