Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a contributory writer for Toronto Leather Pride. Our organization is always looking for talented guest writers who share our passion for empowering and supporting the LGBTQ+ communities through their stories and experiences.

Writing for Toronto Leather Pride

Who: Strong writers who believe in our mission to provide equal rights and representation for LGBTQ+ communities. How: Kindly check out some of the published content on our site to understand what types of articles we need. What: If you wish to share your ideas or submit previously written work to us, kindly send us a query letter that includes the following information:

  • A short and concise outline of your proposed idea
  • An explanation of why you’re the best writer for the job
  • Other written works you may have

Should we be interested, we will respond to your letter with one of our own within 8 weeks. You’ll also receive all the relevant details about your assignment, such as the payment terms, deadlines, and more. Where: Please send your proposals via email as an attachment.

Other Vital Information

  • You can expect to receive feedback from us in 1 to 3 days after submission.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to return any materials after submission.
  • Acceptance is not guaranteed for any proposals, as we consider other factors before publishing an article.
  • Accepted guest posts will be published within 2 days.

Articles can be around 2,000 words or less, depending on your expertise and overall experience as a writer and others.