Registration for our Leather Pride 2019 Community Events is open!

We, in Leather Pride, are trying our best to feature a calendar full of a wide range of non-profit, commercial and charitable events that support and empower the people in our community. Together, let’s make the Pride event be known to our community!

What are Community Events?

Formerly known as Affiliate Events, Community Events are events that happen during the Pride month (June 1- June 30, 2019) that are not produced by Leather Pride Toronto. These are events that align with our mission, vision and values. Through this Community Events program, the exposure to a wider scope of community and commercial events are offered through our community’s different marketing materials and branding.

The Community Events program focuses not only on parties and parades but also on community activities like health events, sporting events and even art performances.

Benefits of Registering as A Leather Pride Toronto Community Event

Being able to be viewed by thousands of pride supporters and attendees is one of the benefits of inclusion of the events registered in the Community Events Program. Also, events under the Community Events can use the Leather Pride Toronto Community Event logo and the Leather Pride Toronto branding.

Community Event Pricing

Package Includes:

  • Listing of events on the Pride website
  • Listing of events on the Pride Guide
  • Usage of the Leather Pride Toronto Community Events Logo

Eligibility Requirements

Events applying to our Community Events Program must have the following requirements:

  • Event schedule on the Pride month (June 1- June 30, 2019)
  • Agreement to the Leather Pride Toronto Terms and Conditions
  • Agreement to the leather Pride Toronto’s Mission, Vision and Values
  • Completion of the membership form