Toronto Leather Pride is an organization that supports and empowers the queer communities not just in our city but also beyond. Our group includes mothers and fathers. Many who use strollers or baby swings to look after their children while donating time to the cause. We work to ensure that there are equal rights and representation for every person of different sexual gender and identities.

This is a celebration for this sexy and diverse community – what we have accomplished and what we are to accomplish in the future. The leather community and those who want to enjoy a good party can participate. Space is created for not only the current but also the next generation to freely express who they truly are. We help them bring their issues to light in order to build understanding and achieve change as an effect.

We are led by the people and communities that we serve and are supported by volunteers. This diversity allows us to have conversations even with different age, race, religion, geography, and experience. We are happy and proud to serve such diverse people as even with this diversity, we are united with the desire to be ourselves – our true selves – without the fear of being judged or out of place.

Our Mission

Toronto Leather Pride embraces our communities that are waiting for our rights to be known to the world, to be heard, to be understood, to be accepted, to be respected just like everyone, and to be celebrated.

Our Vision

You will always be safe, equal, and valued no matter who you identify, who you love, who you want to be or who you choose to be.

Our Values


We, in this community, believe that above all, love prevails and that it does not matter who we choose to be and who we choose to love for we are all deserving of it. We all deserve to love and to be loved. We commit to putting love in the center of every interaction and conversation that we have.


We will always try to help people have an understanding within our community and even beyond it. Toronto Leather Pride cares and understands that our community is made up of many identities and that understanding is how we will come to know and be able to care for each other, unconditionally.


We work together to honour and support everyone in our community. We believe that we have the right to do all the things other people do, that we are not different and that we deserve to be free from all the fear and oppression that this world gives us.