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The Top 20 Sex Toys to Spice Up your Gay Life

Being experimental inside the bedroom will never be a boredom without buying a vibrator and will break the dull sexy time with your partner.

Here are the 20 Sex toys, ranked up to spice up your sex life!


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the exact replica of your partner’s penis even if he’s not at home? This dido kit has everything you need to make the highly detailed, immortal erection of your partner’s penis. You won’t have to worry about anything, as it comes with great instructions and the mixture is latex-free, hypo-allergenic, and safe to use in any type of penis.

Edible Pens

It’s pretty exciting that in the midst of sexy-time with your partner, you’ve got to write love notes all over him. But that’s not the fun part! Cleaning up the messages with your mouth and tongue will surely be a bed game-changer!

Sex Dice

If you want to have extra spontaneous sex with a little bit of thrill of what-comes-next, this one is for you. Sex dice have various foreplay combinations and sex positions.


That innocent looking rope stashed somewhere inside your house is the perfect prop to use if you’re onto bondage or BDSM kind of sexual relationship. Purchase this at your nearest local store and be ready for an interesting kinky night.

The Tube Love Glove

As simple as this tube looks like, this hugs your erection when you bust your manhood inside its tight, ribbed shaft giving you that satisfying release.


Tease your partner with this remote-controlled anal stimulator that just hits the pleasure spot.

Male Strap On

If you still want to keep on going while yours takes a break, then this one is for you. Just add lube and let your partner be ready with that deep thrusting all night.

Penis Pump

Gain your confidence again with this power pump that helps you get your thing harder, thicker, and taller! Follow the instruction, enjoy the feeling and boost of confidence with your massive erection. This is also easy to clean and can be easily stored.


Ultra-Douche is perfect to keep that hole nice and clean in prep for an intimate night with your partner. Just simply squeeze the bulb and dip it into a bowl of warm water until it fills up. Then, spread some lube on the area then gently slide it in and slowly squeeze the bulb to clean the insides of your rectum. You can repeat this process until the water comes out clean.

Flavored Condoms

To add extra flavor and sweetness to your sexual life, flavored condoms are the thing. As if his juices are not enough, this will surely spice up your desires every time you go down on him.


Now, you wonder, is lube a toy? If the lube is premium, yes! Pjur is one of that highly recommended premium lubes to help you feel that anal sensation with less pain!

Slimline Ballsy Dildo

Feed your sexual desires with this blue fame colored Jelly dildo. This provocative and gorgeous butt toy has a 1” wide textured shaft and a slender phallic head with balls as a base for breath-taking stimulation!

Beaded Deep Throat Stroker

Every guy will agree with the pleasure that oral sex gives, so it is not a surprise that a number of males will try to invent blowjob simulators. Beaded deep throat stroker can exactly give you that real-life experience while also giving you the best deep throat experience you could ever have.


This is no Easter egg, but this will give you the same surprise of anal pleasure that you’re seeking!

Tantus Silicone Vibrating Dildo

This vibrating dildo is bent slightly for better-angled penetration. You can use a harness to strap around your waist and thrust it deep within your partner.

Cock Sheath

This one is on rank 5 for a reason! This Dildo sheath is highly recommended. Inside is a comfortable hollow shaft that could aid for a longer-lasting erection and this also extends your penis size. It’s a win-win for both of you!

Colt Anal Trainer Kit

Hey, beginners! This kit is for you! It comes in three different butt plug sizes to train your anal muscles for better stamina and muscle control. This is the best training for the sphincter muscles to slowly build up your anal insertion tolerance.

Magic wand

The Magic wand that works wonders! The magic wand has a vibration speed controller that is for everyone who wants to tease, please, stimulate or just simply massage your partner. It’s one of the best vibrators on the list.

Vibrating Cock Ring

This standard simple cock ring helps erection last longer and harder. Not only this toy is used by men, but women also enjoy the clitoral vibrations sent by this ring.

Vibrating Anal Plug

High up on the list is the vibrating anal plug. Every gay needs to have this vibrating sex toy that can give you endless pleasure with its seven pleasures. It has 7 different vibrating speeds, hypo-allergenic and latex-free body-safe silicone, colorful lights and is guaranteed to satisfy quietly but with power!

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