How to Share Your Pride

It’s that time of the year; it is Pride Month, and we’re all excited to celebrate this event with our whole community! The colour purple represents the spirit and it is also the final colour in our rainbow. This colour represents the things that make our community – from the past to who we are now and the unbreakable bonds that we have with each other. To guide everyone, here’s a list of tips on how to show and share your Pride in your workplace!

Bring The Colours to Your Work

It may feel a bit too much, but letting people see the rainbow colours is a good way to show your Pride to others. You have different ways to display them; You can use flags and posters as they are easy to carry around with. And you can even bring more for others to share it with them.

Hold Talks On LGBTQ2+ Issues

Of course, we’ve had some improvements when it comes to the support and the inclusivity in the workplace. However, the road is still not too close. Hosting seminars and panels on these issues in our workplace is a great opportunity to inform and educate our coworkers and the management of our community.

Go to Pride Events with Your Workmates

As we all know, Pride month is full of events all throughout the city – from seminars to art installations to parties – you name it, we have it. It’s a good idea to organize a trip to Pride events with your workmates. This is a good way to make them get involved with our community and also build friendships.

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