Transition Program of Women’s College Hospital

Our medical systems are still not up to date when we talk about helping our trans brothers and sisters, despite us being in 2019 and having all the social progress we have fought hard to achieve.

For the many people of the transgender community, they need gender reaffirmation surgeries to feel good and fine in their own skin. However, medical practices and procedures in this aspect are still yet to be improved.

Fortunately, Women’s College Hospital has decided to have the first health program and comprehensive transgender transition in Ontario. Pride Toronto is one of the partners of this program that helps the people in this community be recognized and seen.

Expansion Partnership in Trans Health

Also known as THEx, the Trans Health Expansion Partnership was established by Women’s College Hospital to help start the change in the way trans health is given attention.

The Women’s College Hospital partnered with a lot of different health centers to create the THEx, such as Sherbourne Health Centre, Rainbow Health Ontario and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Its goal is to push forward the improvement of health services for the people in the trans community across Ontario. It includes the improvement of the available documentation, surgical programs and medical practices in general.

Provision of Safe and Quality Medical Care

The Women’s College Hospital spearheaded the Transition Related Surgery (TRS) Sub-committee which is a part of the THEx and is a standardized health care program for gender diverse individuals. The TRS Sub-committee consists of medical specialists which include plastic surgeons, gynecologists, anesthesiologists and urologists.

It is focused on providing timely and safe access to surgical care that is related to transition. The Women’s College Hospital is bringing industry leaders together in trans health, hoping to bring it into this era with clearly defined practices and improved processing times. Truly, it is time for the improvement of our trans health services.

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