Pride Festivals 2019

his coming Leather Pride Festival 2019, wear your most powerful glam outfit and slay your way together with everyone! Be creative, meet new people, and have fun!

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We, in Leather Pride, are trying our best to feature a calendar full of a wide range of non-profit, commercial and charitable events that support and empower the people in our community.



Toronto Leather Pride is in search of volunteers who will play a big role in the planning of this celebration, technology experts welcome. Our Volunteer Program offers a large range of volunteer opportunities.

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Coolest Fashion Apparels

Coolest Fashion Apparels to Wear to Celebrate the Pride Month

For years, the LGBTQ+ community are struggling to fit in with the rest of the crowd due to their gender preference. Some people weren’t open with the idea that there are those who prefer same-sex relationships or cross-dressing. However, with the said community’s undying courage in fighting for their right with custom t shirts Canada with awareness slogans etc, people are now gradually welcoming them without judgment.
As a way to stand with the LGBTQ+ community this month of June, well-known fashion brands are releasing exclusive collections in honor of the Pride month through empowering messages and …

How to Share Your Pride

It’s that time of the year; it is Pride Month, and we’re all excited to celebrate this event with our whole community! The local golf course will be sharing their pride this weekend. Holding a LGBTQ tournament for mid range handicappers. Even if you have the largest forgiving driver, the tournament is open to you. This means you can even bring your range finder too….

The Most Colourful Party in Town: Prism Party

It is time to gather together, show our support to the community, and celebrate the future. Local fishermen are celebrating too. They will be having a kayak meet up on the lake. Some will be making out there in trolling boats too. For those who can’t make it onto the water, they will sit on the shores on their chairs. Gather your friends and wear your …

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